The Rockpool Ramble: Exploring the Coastal Riches of South Maroubra

Partake in a fascinating journey into the depths of marine life in South Maroubra and get an opportunity to witness nature’s wonders up close via the Rockpool Ramble, hosted by local expert marine biologists, Will Jones and Murray Cook.

On Thursday, 11 Jan 2024 at 2:00 pm, gather at the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club, located within the picturesque Arthur Byrne Reserve and embark on a two-hour adventure like no other, exploring the unique marine creatures inhabiting the rock platforms and inter-tidal zone.

With a backdrop of breathtaking coastal beauty, Mr Jones and Mr Cook will guide the expedition, shedding light on the diverse species that come to life as the ocean’s tide retreats.

The knowledge imparted during the Rockpool Ramble extends beyond mere fascination. The marine biologists will delve into the importance of minimising our impact on these fragile creatures, offering valuable insights into responsible environmental stewardship. 

South Maroubra
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

However, it’s important to note that this activity involves some physical challenges. Participants will need to navigate approximately 500 metres along remnant sand dunes, traverse the beach, and negotiate unsteady, uneven, and slippery surfaces during the tour.

To make the most of this experience, attendees are encouraged to wear closed-in shoes, don a sunhat, apply sunscreen, don a long-sleeve top, and bring a water bottle to stay refreshed throughout the excursion. Each tour is limited to a maximum of 40 people.

For interested individuals, the following conditions and considerations apply:

  • Minimum age: 5 years
  • Maximum ratio of three children per adult guardian
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
  • Parents or adult guardians accompanying children need to pay the $10 AUD fee.

This program is part of the Sustaining Our City initiative, funded by Randwick City’s Environmental Levy. By participating in the Rockpool Ramble, you are contributing to the preservation and appreciation of our natural environment.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to connect with the marine world and gain a deeper understanding of our responsibility in safeguarding it.

Published 7-Jan-2024

Parking Woes: Driving a Fine Line in Maroubra

A recent parking incident has ignited a discussion among residents in Maroubra, after a  motorist was fined $129 for parking in a circumscribed space within the South Maroubra beach car park. 

This area, intended for vehicle reversing, lacked the usual white lines indicating a legal parking spot. 

This enforcement by Randwick City Council has divided opinions, with some locals arguing for clearer parking guidelines and others saying the fine should be upheld​​​​​​.

Understanding Local Parking Regulations

Across Sydney, local Councils are understandably strict about parking regulations. Similarly, Moreton Bay Regional Counci in Queensland is prosecuting motorists for various parking infringements. These cases range from stopping in areas with a yellow edge line to parking in bus zones, highlighting the importance of adhering to local parking laws​​.

Motorists often turn to sites like Parkopedia, which provides a comprehensive list of parking options, including street parking spots, car parks, and their respective costs and time limits. This information is vital for residents and visitors to avoid unintended fines​​.


Sometimes though, unclear signages or improper communication of from local Councils to motorists lead to violations and fines.

For instance, Sydney residents recently noticed mysterious roadside devices. Initially causing concern among locals, Campbelltown Council clarified these were part of a traffic study.

Apparently, the devices are used to collect data for transport planning, including vehicle use, traffic flow, and travel times. This indicates a growing trend towards data-driven management of traffic and parking​​.

Community Response and Future Implications

In Maroubra, the parking fine incident has sparked a discussion on the need for clear parking regulations and adequate signages. It also reflects a broader trend in Australian cities where traffic and parking management are increasingly data-driven and strictly enforced, lessing confusion and ambiguity. 

Published 10-Dec-2023

New Amenities Enhance South Maroubra Beach Experience

South Maroubra Beach welcomes summer with a sunny splash of convenience, as RCC unveils a brand-new amenities building.

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On Sunday, 22 Oct 2023, the facility was opened just in time for the much-anticipated Maroubra Fun Run and Spring Festival, marking a significant improvement to this coastal hotspot.

The new amenities building aims to elevate the beachgoers’ experience by providing essential services in a picturesque setting. This addition comes as a response to the growing demand for facilities that cater to both residents and visitors.

The South Maroubra Beach amenities building features male, female, and unisex bathrooms, showers, baby change facilities, and a communal wash basin, providing accessible and much-needed conveniences for beachgoers. In addition to serving the general public, this project has also created additional storage rooms for the South Maroubra Surf Lifesaving Club and Surfing NSW, aiding the local community’s sporting and recreational activities.

To ensure ease of access for everyone, the project also included upgrades to paths, landscaped areas, and parking spaces. These enhancements make South Maroubra Beach more welcoming, promoting a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors.

Positioned adjacent to the South Maroubra Surf Lifesaving Club, the amenities building is perfectly located for beach enthusiasts and those looking to enjoy a day of picnicking or follow the scenic coastal walk. The architects behind the project have prioritized sustainability and preserving the natural surroundings. The building has been designed to complement the natural sand dunes, maximising the use of natural light and ventilation.

Furthermore, the building was constructed on an empty green patch, ensuring that no trees, including the native Banksia, had to be removed during the construction process. This commitment to environmental preservation aligns with the broader goal of promoting sustainable development in the region.

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“This area of the beach is incredibly popular as people pass through on a coastal walk or stop to have a BBQ behind the beach. The new building will ensure visiting South Maroubra is much more comfortable,” Randwick City Council Mayor Philipa Veitch, who inaugurated the building amidst a crowd of enthusiastic community members, said.

The South Maroubra Beach amenities building was a major investment, taking a year to complete from conception to its official opening.

Published 30-Oct-2023

Pop-Up Pedal Parks Open for the Winter with the Addition of a New South Maroubra Site

The winter riding season is officially open with the return of pop-up pedal parks, which now include an additional location in South Maroubra. Time to have a wheely good time at these outdoor recreational spaces! Don’t forget to wear your helmets!

The South Maroubra pop-up pedal park along the Arthur Byrne Reserve, 1R Marine Parade, Maroubra, officially launches Thursday, 9 June 2022, at 3:00 p.m. with Mayor Dylan Parker. It will remain open until August, alongside the pop-up pedal parks at the Clovelly Beach and the Chifley Sports reserve car park on Bunnerong Road.

Photo Credit: RandwickCC/Facebook

This initiative was originally set up in June 2020 to encourage the kids to have their exercises and physical activities amidst the lockdown when many sports facilities were temporarily shut down and the children have to homeschool. 

The Council proposed to install safe and accessible pedal parks for winter exercises every year. With its re-opening in 2021, Council added ramps and tunnels so that kids could develop new skills as well as allow families more time for outdoor recreation.

“It’s wonderful to be able to build on it and expand the pedal parks so more kids can take part in the time-tested fun of riding a bike or skateboard[ing] with your friends,” said Mayor Dylan Parker. 

While the pedal parks are installed, the parking spaces will be closed to cars.

Remediation Work Underway for South Maroubra Beach New Amenities Building

Remediation work will be underway at 307-327R Fitzgerald Avenue in Maroubra, in preparation for the construction of a new amenities building for South Maroubra beach, the start of Stage 2 of the proposed upgrades on the site.

In February 2022, JK Environments Pty Ltd received approval to proceed with the remediation work (DA/330/2021/A) to make the area sustainable and economically viable for the new building. Following the completion of Stage 1, which has delivered a new overflow car park alongside resurfacing and the planting of new trees, the project is moving on to the construction of the amenities building. 

The said building will feature the following:

  • Male and female amenities (including unisex accessible amenities and baby change facilities)
  • A communal wash basin area easily identifiable within the park
  • Cleaner’s storeroom
  • Storage areas for local Lifeguards, Maroubra SLSC and Surfing NSW
  • Accessible paths and landscaped areas
  • Accessible parking
  • External wash bay and showers
  • Natural ventilation

Plans for the building went on public exhibition in the mid-2021 and was welcomed by the South Maroubra Surf Club, whose facility is next to the site. 

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

“Toilets, showers, utensil cleaning space for coastal walkers, park users and a storage space for our club, surfing NSW and lifeguards. It’s taken nearly 8 years but many will benefit from this environmentally-friendly amenities block!” the club shared on social media. 

The current amenities for club members and the community “don’t meet today’s minimum accessibility standards and a new, accessible building is needed for the benefit of the community,” per former Randwick Mayor Danny Said.

“It’s great that in addition to the amenities, we can provide extra storage facilities for the surf club and Surfing NSW, to ensure they can continue to grow and be an important part of the local community,” he added. 

Work at Overflow Car Park in South Maroubra’s Arthur Byrne Reserve Begins

The first stage of the upgrades to the overflow car park at the Arthur Byrne Reserve has begun. Per Council’s advice, areas within this South Maroubra site will be temporarily blocked off while improvements are underway.

Stage 1 will entail the following scope and work is expected to last until the middle of January 2021:

  • Resurfacing of the existing overflow car park area
  • Planting of new trees
  • Provision of new accessible car spaces
  • Upgrade of existing line marking
  • Additional car parking along Bernie Kelly Drive

Council, however, assures that the car park’s completion will be fast-tracked as visitors to the Arthur Byrne Reserve are expected to increase with the summer months rolling in. 

The reserver is an ideal picnic, BBQ and activity site for walking, jogging, ball sports and even kite flying. 

Once completed, upgrades to the amenities building will follow, pending the approval of the development application, which will be filed in January 2021.

“The popularity of the area has prompted the need for additional amenities to service the park and beach users, as well as the coastal walk users and the adjoining surf club,” Council stated. 

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

Stage 2 will cover the following scope of works:

  • Male and female amenities including toilets, showers, baby change areas and bench seating
  • Accessible amenities
  • A well-ventilated communal wash area
  • Storage areas for the local surf lifesaving club, Surfing NSW and lifeguards
  • External bench seating
  • Improved landscaping and pedestrian connections

For questions, comments and other enquiries about these upgrades, contact the project managers Zaman Shamsuz (car park) and Peter Petro (amenities) at 02 9093 6763 and 02 9093 6000, respectively.

South Maroubra Ocean Challenge: What Happens During This Ocean Swimming Competition?

The South Maroubra Ocean Challenge is a new event for those living in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and the Southside. First mounted in 2017, this is an open beach swimming competition that does not just bring out people’s competitive side since the event also includes a barbecue party, a bar, and live entertainment.

Hosted by the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club (SLSC), the South Marouba Ocean Challenge is divided into 500 metre, one kilometre and 2.5 kilometre lapses.

The 500-metre swim comprises a short rectangle course off the beach. The one-kilometre lapse follows the same rectangle course but it’s stretched further to the south while swimming parallel to the beach.

The 2.5-kilometre course, on the other hand, requires swimmers to take a sharp left turn up north in the water before swimming back to the south and returning to the beach. This category is more ideal for the physically fit and strong risk-takers.

A minimum age requirement is imposed as kids under nine years old will not be allowed to compete. Swimmers below 18 years old, on the other hand, have to submit a consent form with their parents’ name and contact details to join.  

Photo Credit: Kateoloan/Instagram

Ocean swimming is growing in popularity among swim clubs in Australia than pool swimming because there’s more challenge to the competitions. Swimmers need to grapple with the tide, the wide, the height of the surf and the surrounding sea life while in the water, which doesn’t come with pool swimming.

Swimmers also learn better techniques from ocean swimming competitions since there are no skill limitations. They could be in the water alongside Olympians or first-timers in just their swim caps, goggles, and basic swimsuit.

The host of the ocean challenge has the responsibility to ensure the safety of the swimmers based on rules of open water swimming from the Fédération Internationale De Natation (FINA, or International Swimming Federation).

Apart from requiring competitors to swim around the buoy online, South Maroubra Ocean Challenge swimmers aren’t allowed to wear wetsuits unless the water temperature is below 18 degrees.

South Maroubra SLSC mounts the swimming competition every February. The contest, however, won’t run for 2019.