Maroubra Family Leads the Way in Sustainability with 1000th Rebate

A significant milestone has been achieved in environmental sustainability after a Maroubra family, the Lissendens, proudly became the 1000th recipients of a rebate program.

The Randwick City Council’s innovative Sustainability Rebates program not only highlights the individual efforts of Maroubra residents but also reflects a broader commitment to environmental stewardship across the region.

The Sustainability Rebates program, introduced by the Randwick City Council, has been a cornerstone in promoting eco-friendly practices among its residents. Over the past three years, the program has successfully incentivised the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices in homes and businesses. 

From electric vehicle chargers to solar panels, the initiative covers a wide array of rebates, fostering significant community investment in renewable and sustainable improvements.

Impact and Outreach

The Lissenden household, like many others in Maroubra and beyond, has experienced firsthand the benefits of the program. With the council’s financial assistance, they installed a solar battery, a decision initially hindered by cost concerns. 

This rebate not only reduced their upfront expense but also facilitated a deeper engagement with energy management. The program’s impact extends beyond individual households, as it has leveraged over $6 million in community investment and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Rebates Program

A Wider Australian Movement

Maroubra’s story is part of a larger narrative unfolding across Australia, where local councils are leading the charge in sustainability. From Adelaide’s carbon neutrality goals to Melbourne’s Renewable Energy Project, councils across the nation are implementing innovative strategies to reduce carbon footprints and promote renewable energy. 

The collective efforts of these councils, including Randwick’s initiative in Maroubra, symbolize a growing commitment to sustainability in Australia. These programs not only address immediate environmental concerns but also lay the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient future.

As more communities join this movement, the prospect of a greener, more sustainable Australia becomes increasingly tangible.

Published 20-Nov-2023

Initial Phase of the Maroubra Junction Makeover Begins

Following a long consultation with the community, the Maroubra Junction makeover has finally started with the greenery planting, which will be followed by the actual construction of the central plaza.

More than $1 million has been set aside to develop the Maroubra Junction Oasis Project which will see the planting of over 1,000 trees at the park. These trees are predominantly of the native variety that requires little tending to and maintenance. These are also meant to provide a new habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies to thrive. 

The funding is part of New South Wales’ Your High Street Projects to create a public space at the heart of Maroubra. Per the NSW Planning and environment, this revitalisation will merge “two halves of a divided town centre by converting a wide median strip into an urban oasis with a raised turf platform, seating, lighting and landscaping.”  

Maroubra Oasis
The Maroubra Oasis
Photo Credit: RCC

The tree planting initiative is expected to take over six weeks and then the plaza construction is expected to kick off in early 2023. The work will include new seating areas, picnic tables, bike racks, and pavements. 

“This project is the beginning of our journey to improve the entire town centre,” Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker said.

“Maroubra Junction is a bustling centre but sections are tired, uninviting and in need of a makeover. This project is a first step towards cleaning up the area by creating a greener and more inviting space for everyone across our community to enjoy.”

In May 2021, Randwick City Council presented the Maroubra Junction Masterplan that identified three key areas in need of revitalisation, including Bunnerong Road and Flower Street. Nearly 300 locals responded to the survey.

Speeding Fines Jumped in Maroubra, Randwick In Just One Year

A number of school zones in NSW, including Maroubra and Randwick, saw an alarming jump in speeding fines within a 12-month period, according to the National Roads and Motorists’ Association, the country’s largest member organisation offering roadside assistance, car servicing, and motoring advice.

In February 2020 speeding fines in NSW totalled 8,937 but that number increased to 17,494 during the same month a year later. Some 85 per cent of the fines were for motorists who drove at least 10 km/hr above the speed limit.

Among the 10 roads with doubled speeding fines year-on-year include:

Malabar Road, Maroubra48149
Avoca Street, Randwick170397
Botany Road, Alexandria237447
Bunnerong Road, Eastgardens5251,057
Edgar Street, Condell Park83228
Fitzwilliam Road, Old Toongabbie41103
Hume Highway, Ashfield63136
Pennant Hills Road, Oatlands2873
The Boulevard, Strathfield240492
Victoria Road, Ryde531,131

Based on these statistics, NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury warned motorists to take heed and do the right thing as the school zone speed limit of 40km/h has been enforced yet again with the start of the new school term for 2022.

“If you are driving to take kids to or from school, or just happen to be driving through a school zone – follow the road rules,” Khoury said. He also asked parents to be on the alert when dropping off or picking up their children at the school by following parking rules and practicing safe behaviours.  

NSW Metropolitan Roads Minister Natalie Ward also said that there is no excuse for speeding in school zones. She urged every single person behind the wheel to pay close attention and be more vigilant when driving near schools. She is hoping to see the number of speeding fines go down this year. 

Maroubra Community Garden Digs In For 2022 Opening

Efforts to open a sustainable Maroubra Community Garden bore fruit after more than two years of planning and preparation when volunteers finally received approval to open the site in 2022. 

In a statement on Facebook, stewards of The Garden at Maroubra confirmed that the local Council has signed off on plans to build a working garden for everyone, the third community garden in the Eastern Sydney suburbs after Coogee and Randwick. 

“[We] began this journey to build not only a community garden for Maroubra, but a sustainability resource within our community to enable ALL of our community to learn to garden if they wished, but also to learn how to take care of the green areas within our homes and our community. Maroubra, this garden is for YOU,” the statement read.

Photo Credit: Mimi Curan/Go Fund Me

In early 2021, Randwick City Council received the proposal for the design of the community garden. The group also opened a fundraiser and a “Friend of the Garden” distinction for regular donors and contributors to enable the gardeners to buy supplies and pay for expenses like water and utilities.

Following the approval, the project has started offering memberships to residents who live within the five-kilometre radius who can tend to the site. In the near future, a Working Member training will be underway before the garden officially opens to the community.   

“The Garden at Maroubra project was borne out of the desire to create a beautiful, accessible community-destination around gardening that connects, educates and invigorates our community around organic gardening and related sustainable practices including seed saving, organic pest control and composting,” Mimi Curran, one of the supporters stated

Published 14 December 2021