Maroubra Family Leads the Way in Sustainability with 1000th Rebate

Sustainability Rebates program
Photo Credit: Andreas Gucklhorn/Unsplash

A significant milestone has been achieved in environmental sustainability after a Maroubra family, the Lissendens, proudly became the 1000th recipients of a rebate program.

The Randwick City Council’s innovative Sustainability Rebates program not only highlights the individual efforts of Maroubra residents but also reflects a broader commitment to environmental stewardship across the region.

The Sustainability Rebates program, introduced by the Randwick City Council, has been a cornerstone in promoting eco-friendly practices among its residents. Over the past three years, the program has successfully incentivised the adoption of sustainable technologies and practices in homes and businesses. 

From electric vehicle chargers to solar panels, the initiative covers a wide array of rebates, fostering significant community investment in renewable and sustainable improvements.

Impact and Outreach

The Lissenden household, like many others in Maroubra and beyond, has experienced firsthand the benefits of the program. With the council’s financial assistance, they installed a solar battery, a decision initially hindered by cost concerns. 

This rebate not only reduced their upfront expense but also facilitated a deeper engagement with energy management. The program’s impact extends beyond individual households, as it has leveraged over $6 million in community investment and significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable Rebates Program

A Wider Australian Movement

Maroubra’s story is part of a larger narrative unfolding across Australia, where local councils are leading the charge in sustainability. From Adelaide’s carbon neutrality goals to Melbourne’s Renewable Energy Project, councils across the nation are implementing innovative strategies to reduce carbon footprints and promote renewable energy. 

The collective efforts of these councils, including Randwick’s initiative in Maroubra, symbolize a growing commitment to sustainability in Australia. These programs not only address immediate environmental concerns but also lay the groundwork for a more sustainable and resilient future.

As more communities join this movement, the prospect of a greener, more sustainable Australia becomes increasingly tangible.

Published 20-Nov-2023