Malabar Ocean Pool Coping Restoration Now Complete

Malabar Ocean Pool Coping Restoration Now Complete

The Malabar Ocean Pool Coping project has been completed. A part of the Ocean Pool Restoration Program, the project involved the repair of the damaged coping (or outer edge) of the pools caused by constant large swells, severe storms, and strong winds.

Following the successful coping restoration of Wylie’s Baths pool, Randwick City Council undertook a similar upgrade of Malabar Ocean Pool and two other pools identified as needing restoration work around their coping. Some $300,000 worth of funding was allocated for the projects.

Three years ago, the Malabar Pool underwent coping restoration. However, the project fell short of expectations due to an issue with the cementing products used, prompting Council to seek other products that could deliver the desired results.

Once a suitable product was identified, Council proceeded to try the product on repairs at Wylie’s Baths. The product proved to have excellent results, even after a year.

Restoration works then moved to Malabar Ocean Pool. By the time restoration started, the coping surrounding the Malabar Ocean Pool was already rough and bumpy and some sections showed signs of damage from storm erosion.

The rough coping surrounding the ocean pool before the upgrade
BEFORE RESTORATION: Tough coping surrounding the ocean pool
Photo Credit: Randwick City Council /
The coping around the Malabar Ocean Pool after the restoration |
AFTER RESTORATION: The coping around the Malabar Ocean Pool
Photo Credit: Randwick City Council /

Similar restoration works at Mahon Pool is already 80 per cent complete. Minor civil works at the site include the preparation and installation of new timber posts, replacement of existing handrails, grout repair and removal of loose materials.

Meanwhile, the Ross Jones Pool upgrade is on hold and will continue as soon as weather and swell conditions permit.

About the Malabar Ocean Pool

Malabar circa 1950s
Malabar circa 1950s  | Photo Credit: Randwick City Council /

Malabar Ocean Pool is situated near Malabar Beach in Long Bay. The formation of the fine rock pool near the present Randwick Golf Club site was recorded in the 1890s. By 1909, the ocean pool had become a popular attraction among the locals.

Malabar Pool, however, fell into disrepair due to several decades of disuse following contamination issues caused by the Malabar sewage system outfall. The ocean pool was eventually reopened in 1997 following the installation of a deepwater ocean outfall for sewage in 1990 which led to the gradual clearing of the water.