Maroubra Stormwater Harvesting Project Nears Completion

The fences around the Maroubra Stormwater Harvesting Project are coming down before Christmas! The largest stormwater recycling system will soon be filled with million litre tanks of flowing stormwater to irrigate the parks and the toilets at the Maroubra Surf Club and South Maroubra. 

Danny Said, the Mayor of Randwick, visited the Maroubra Stormwater Harvesting Project near the beach last week to check on the progress of the final phase. He confirmed that the facility will be finally ready after nine months of construction.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council
Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

This is the 14th stormwater project from the Council, which will harvest from the following sites:

  • Arthur Byrne Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Broadarrow Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Jack Vanny Reserve (existing irrigation)
  • Maroubra Beach (existing irrigation)
  • John Shore Reserve (future irrigation)
  • Murranborah Reserve (future irrigation)

Since March, contractors have been hard at work in building two one-million litre stormwater harvesting facilities, including filtration units, pumps, and an automatic irrigation system.

Photo Credit: Randwick City Council

“This system will save up to 40 million litres of potable water each year,” the Council said. “There are two one-million litre tanks under the ground. First, the water goes through a GPT and is then filtered for coarse and fine sediment. Then it’s pumped through a UV treatment filter, which kills any viruses or pathogens, before it’s pumped through to our parks and reserves to water the grass. We’re excited about it!”