Mahon Pool: Quiet Family Spot Beyond the Surfing Mecca

Mahon Pool
Photo Credit: Theresa Hall/Google Maps

As a surfing hotspot, Maroubra’s beaches are expectedly crowded, especially during the weekends, but towards the clifftops to the northern end is a quiet bathing spot known as Mahon Pool.

To the unfamiliar, finding Mahon Pool might not be easy coming from the beaches on Marine Parade but locals sure know that amidst the mossy pit and down by the rocky formation is a natural tidal pool, which has been developed and improved since the 1930s. 

Mahon Pool is where frazzled Sydney dwellers go to take a dip and unwind, sans the mob. Usually relaxing and scenic, this outdoor pool thrills the adventurous as well. Whenever the tide is up and the wind is strong, good waves usually follow. 

This has been the go-to watering hole for families with kids for decades because, aside from swimming, the rock formation is a haven for exploration and discovery. On the grassy spot, locals, who know each other by name, usually enjoy a picnic. 

Photo Credit: Anna Szczecińska/Google Maps
Photo Credit: Lisa Paquin/Facebook

Elite athletes and the Sydney Swans AFL team use the pool for training on some days. The water can be extra cold during the winter months when only the brave souls dare take a dip. 

Prior to the pandemic, improvements to the toilet and changing facilities on the clifftops were undertaken, making a trip to Mahon Pool all the more worth it. The building, designed by Lahz Nimmo Architects, was made to blend with the environment and won the 2020 NSW Landscape Awards. 

Photo Credit: Lahz Nimmo Architects

Mahon Pool was named for Alderman Mahon, a South Ward representative who lobbied to improve the tidal pool to what it is today. He died in 1935, before seeing Mahon Pool’s development. Maroubra Bay Progress Association petitioned Council to memorialise him by attaching his name to the bathing site.