Maroubra’s Iconic Rubik’s Cube Has Been Solved

After fifteen years, the Rubik’s Cube that sat on the shore of Maroubra Beach that many have taken to calling the ‘Maroubrix Cube,’ has finally been solved.

The Maroubrix Cube is now solved!
Photo Credit: Facebook / Randwick City Council

This piece dates back from 2008, when anonymous street artists added the quirky fixture that has captivated locals and tourists since then.

The unsolved Cube right next to an actual Rubik’s Cube, taken October 2023.
Photo Credit: Facebook / Cubos R Py

The unusual design of the Cube, endearingly called the Maroubrix Cube, has caught the attention of Maroubra Beach’s passersby. It was intentionally designed to be unsolvable, which caught on to Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts.

Maroubrix Cube is mentioned on Wikipedia’s Big Things of Australia, and is even featured in a children’s book as a ‘portal to another realm’.

Although the recent transformation of the Cube has been made by the still-anonymous artists themselves, a lively debate has sparked among the Maroubra community. This has divided the locals between embracing the refreshed look and cherishing the unsolved puzzle that gave it its original charm and recognition for over a decade.

Randwick Council Mayor, Philipa Veitch, expressed her surprise at this sudden change. She acknowledged the artists’ intention as thought-provoking. She states that this public art transformation challenges the community to contemplate and stimulate a healthy dialogue.

While some residents have applauded the Cube’s new appearance as “satisfying” and “long overdue,” others have voiced nostalgia for the original design, resisting the change. Over the years, temporary alterations like festive costumes and pastel paint caused mixed reactions, showcasing the community’s attachment to the artwork.

The Maroubrix Cube is now solved!
Photo Credit: Facebook / Randwick City Council

The ongoing debate revolves around honouring the artists’ intentions and the council’s role in preserving or altering public art. Mayor Veitch advocates for maintaining the solved state. She highlights the importance of allowing artistic expression to evolve naturally without intervention.

As Maroubra grapples with this unexpected twist, the future of the Rubik’s Cube remains uncertain. Whether it will persist in its solved form or undergo further transformations, the Cube continues to serve as a focal point for artistic expression and community conversation in this beachside locale.

Published 19-December-2023