Maroubra Chef Manu Feildel Explores Aussie Chicken’s Journey from Farm to Fork

Celebrity chef Manu Feildel swaps the bustling kitchens of Maroubra for the vast landscapes of regional Queensland in his latest culinary quest.

In the captivating digital series “Farm to Fork with Manu,” he delves into the fascinating journey of Australia’s most popular meat protein: chicken. Partnering with Ingham’s, the country’s leading poultry producer, Manu takes viewers on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, revealing the intricate process of how our cherished chicken dinners go from farm to table.

A Growing Appetite for Chicken

With chicken now accounting for nearly half of Australia’s total meat consumption, the demand for this versatile and cost-effective protein shows no signs of slowing down. Feildel’s exploration delves into the reasons behind this growing preference, from its taste and sustainability to its adaptability in various cuisines.

From Free-Range Fields to State-of-the-Art Sheds

Feildel’s journey begins at dawn on a sprawling 130-acre poultry farm, where he meets Farmer Grant, a seasoned poultry producer with over a decade of experience. Together, they traverse the free-range fields and explore the cutting-edge, climate-controlled poultry sheds that have been supplying Ingham’s with chickens for nearly half a century.

A Nutritious Diet, No Added Hormones

Viewers gain insight into the meticulous care and attention given to the chickens, including their nutritious diet of grains and legumes, free from any added hormones. Feildel even showcases his culinary flair by preparing a mouth-watering Coq au Vin over a barbeque, using the freshest farm produce.

From Farm to High-Tech Processing Plant

The journey continues at the Murarrie Primary Processing Plant, where Feildel dons full PPE to witness the intricate processes that transform chickens into the familiar products we find in supermarkets and restaurants. From automated plucking and deboning to filleting, mincing, and crumbing, the chef marvels at the efficiency and precision of the machinery.

A Collaborative Culinary Experience

Feildel connects with the 1300-strong team at the processing plant, sharing his culinary expertise and teaming up with staff member Meena to cook a delectable Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. The chef’s enthusiasm and passion for food shine through as he interacts with the dedicated individuals who play a vital role in bringing chicken to our tables.

The Final Destination: Our Tables

The final leg of the journey takes Feildel to a local pub, where he follows the Ingham’s chicken as it enters the kitchens of countless establishments across the country. He even steps behind the stove himself, preparing a tantalising Chicken Kyiv with Café de Paris Butter, Prosciutto, and Tarragon, demonstrating the versatility and deliciousness of this beloved protein.

A Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Photo Credit: Ingham’s/ Website

As one of the largest poultry producers in Australia and New Zealand, Ingham’s dedication to animal welfare, sustainable practices, product quality, and employee satisfaction is evident throughout Feildel’s exploration. Their “Always Good” promise underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality chicken products to consumers.

Join Manu on His Culinary Journey

“Farm to Fork with Manu” offers a captivating glimpse into the intricate processes behind Australia’s favourite meat protein. From farm to factory to table, Feildel’s adventure showcases the care, expertise, and dedication that go into producing the chicken we enjoy. 

To join this culinary journey with Manu, visit or follow @inghamsaustralia on Facebook and Instagram and @inghamschicken on YouTube.

Published Date 14-June-2024

Matraville Town Centre Set for Major Revitalisation with Bunnerong Road Upgrade

Matraville is poised for a significant transformation as the city kicks off its ambitious revitalisation project with upgrades to Bunnerong Road.

The works, which commenced this week, will see the existing footpath on Bunnerong Road between Daunt Avenue and Beauchamp Road completely replaced. There will be a wider asphalt path with paver borders in its place, along with several new street trees.

This initial phase marks a crucial step in the Council’s comprehensive plan to breathe new life into the Matraville Town Centre.

Mayor Philipa Veitch emphasised the importance of the project, stating that the Matraville Town Centre is a vital hub for local businesses and shoppers. The Council has collaborated closely with the community over the past few years to develop a plan that aims to unlock Matraville’s full potential, transforming it into a vibrant destination for visitors and residents alike.

Photo Credit: Matraville Public Domain Masterplan

“The Bunnerong Road streetscape upgrade is a critical first move in bringing the Matraville Town Centre masterplan to life,” Mayor Veitch said. “By expanding the footpath, we will create more room for outdoor dining and enhance pedestrian safety.”

The Mayor expressed her enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the numerous benefits it will bring to the area. The upgrades will not only improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists but also enhance the street’s overall aesthetic appeal, with the new trees providing welcome shade during the warmer months.

Matraville Town Centre
Photo Credit: Matraville Public Domain Masterplan

The extensive work entails the excavation and demolition of the existing pavement, then the pouring of fresh concrete and asphalt. The installation of new pavers, street trees, street furniture, and bins will complete the transformation.

Council has taken steps to inform Matraville residents about the commencement of the works through a letterbox drop. Mayor Veitch assured the community that the Council is dedicated to minimising any disruptions caused by noise, parking, and traffic during the construction period.

While acknowledging the potential for some inconvenience, Mayor Veitch expressed her gratitude for the patience and understanding of residents and local businesses as this essential upgrade progresses.

Published Date 07-June-2024

Toni Tiki: $1M Reward for 30-Year-Old Cold Case of Maroubra Mum

The NSW Police have offered an unprecedented $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the brutal murder of a young mother, Toni Tiki, in South Maroubra almost three decades ago.

On the 1st of January 1996, 26-year-old Toni left a New Year’s Eve party at the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club shortly before 1:30 a.m., accompanied by a male friend who had initially agreed to walk her home but later decided to return to the party, leaving Tiki to continue alone.

When Toni failed to make contact or be located, a friend reported her missing to the Eastern Beaches Police Area Command the next day. Tragically, her body was discovered in scrubland near the surf club on the 5th of January, with a post-mortem examination revealing she had died from severe injuries.

Detectives from the State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad have been working tirelessly on the case, now known as Strike Force Ionian 2, but it remains unsolved. In a bid to uncover new leads, the NSW Government and the NSW Police Force have joined forces to offer a substantial $1 million reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

Reward for Toni Tiki Maroubra Murder
Photo Credit: NSW Police

A Plea for Justice

Homicide Squad Commander Danny Doherty implored anyone with knowledge about Toni’s death to come forward, emphasizing that she was a loving mother and cherished family member who did not deserve such a tragic fate.

Her children, Shannon Hall and Michael Hinds, have also made emotional pleas for closure. 

“The night she was killed, we were robbed of experiences and having her here to navigate this life,” Shannon told the press.

Police Minister Yasmin Catley affirmed the government’s commitment to finding justice for Toni even after 30 years. 

Here is a timeline of events in list form based on the details provided:

– 1 Jan 1996 – Around 1:30 a.m. Toni Tiki (26 years old) left a New Year’s Eve party at the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club with a male friend who had agreed to walk her home. 

– The male friend decided to return to the party, parting ways with Toni who continued walking home alone.

– 2 Jan 1996 – A friend of Toni’s reported her missing to the Eastern Beaches Police Area Command after she could not be contacted or located. 

– 5 Jan 1996 – Toni’s body was discovered in scrubland near the South Maroubra Surf Life Saving Club.

– A post-mortem examination revealed Toni died as a result of severe injuries, indicating murder.

– The State Crime Command’s Homicide Squad, dubbed Strike Force Ionian 2, took over the investigation.

– Despite investigations, the case remains unsolved nearly 30 years later.  

– May 2024 – The NSW Government and NSW Police Force announced a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for Toni’s murder.

– Toni’s children, Shannon Hall and Michael Hinds, made emotional pleas for anyone with information to come forward and help bring closure.

Members of the public with any knowledge about the 1996 murder of Toni Tiki are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at

Published 14-May-2024

Maroubra Bungalow Sale Fulfills Woman’s $2.14M Donation Wish for St Vincent’s

A decades-old wish has provided an extraordinary $2.14 million donation to St Vincent’s Hospital, thanks to the recent sale of a 1920s Maroubra bungalow.

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The late Alma Millane, who passed away in 1989, had stipulated in her will that after her friend’s lifetime tenancy, the proceeds from selling the family home at 127 Storey Street should go to the Sacred Heart palliative care unit at St Vincent’s.

That friend, Cheryl, lived in the two-bedroom home until her death a year ago. The property was then put on the market, selling in March 2024 for the staggering sum of $2.14 million – over $140,000 above reserve.

Photo credit: Ray White 

Dr Davinia Seah, director of palliative care at St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, said the “kind donation will be able to help so many people in such a difficult time of their lives.” The funds will support patients in St Vincent’s hospice, those receiving care at home, and their families.

Inside the Maroubra house (Photo credit: Ray White)

Dr Seah explained that they look after patients who have life limiting illness, so the money will go towards making their last days more pleasant. Alma’s late husband Elwin had received care from Sacred Heart before his passing in 1980.

Maroubra Bungalow
Photo credit: Ray White 

The Maroubra bungalow proved a hot property, with four bidders vying for the 303-square-metre home lauded for its “ornate ceilings, rich woodwork” and proximity to Maroubra Junction. A young family prevailed through buyers’ agent Damien Steele.

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Ray White’s Justin Bell, who handled the sale, was “thrilled” with the outcome benefiting the palliative care unit. Loretta Jagucanskas from the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation expressed gratitude that Alma’s generous last wish could be realised over three decades later.

Published 1-May-2024

Maroubra Buzzes as Backdrop for ‘Heartbreak High’ Reboot on Netflix

Did you know that Maroubra serves as the dynamic backdrop for the revamped “Heartbreak High” on Netflix?

This iconic ’90s series has returned with a fresh perspective on teenage life, capturing the essence of Maroubra’s vibrant energy and unique culture. From its stunning beaches to its lively community, Maroubra provides the perfect setting for the drama and excitement that unfold in this beloved show.

Whilst the fictional “Hartley High” serves as the show’s central location, viewers familiar with the area may have recognised some familiar scenes playing out in Maroubra and Matraville. These beachside communities, known for their relaxed atmosphere and diverse demographics, provide a natural canvas for the messy and complex world that unfolds for characters like Amerie, Harper, and their classmates.

Photo Credit: Screengrab from Netflix

“Heartbreak High” doesn’t shy away from portraying the realities of teenage life beyond the classroom walls. From house parties to stolen moments on the coast, the series captures the essence of growing up in Sydney. 

Photo Credit: Facebook/ MaroubraBayHighSchool, Ex-students: 1959-1965

Maroubra, with its iconic beach and surrounding streets, adds a layer of authenticity that resonates with viewers seeking a genuine portrayal of Australian adolescence.

Adding another layer of intrigue, the show’s producers revealed that the scenes filmed within the fictional Hartley High were shot on location at Maroubra Bay High School. Interestingly, this isn’t a first for the franchise. The original “Heartbreak High” also utilised the same school for its educational setting, creating a unique continuity between the two shows.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ MaroubraBayHighSchool, Ex-students: 1959-1965

The success of “Heartbreak High” has not only captivated audiences worldwide but has also shone a spotlight on the dynamic beachside suburb of Maroubra. The series offers a glimpse into the heart of this community, showcasing its youthful energy and coastal charm.

With its relatable characters and authentic setting, “Heartbreak High” is sure to continue captivating viewers and may even inspire some to add Maroubra to their travel bucket list.

Published Date 27-April-2024

Maroubra Junction Public School to Benefit from Opportunity Class Redistribution

Maroubra Junction Public School will welcome new opportunity classes for gifted students starting in 2025 as part of an initiative to manage school overcrowding and balance enrolments across the city.

To alleviate congestion in certain schools and maximise resource utilisation, adjustments to the allocation of opportunity class placements within Sydney’s public schools have been underway since April 2024. Schools such as Woollahra Public and Artarmon Public, long-standing hosts of these classes, will see reductions in the places they offer. In contrast, Lindfield East, Brookvale, and Maroubra Junction Public will gain additional classes.

There are 15 spots each year for academically gifted Year 5 students at Maroubra Junction Public School. Parents interested in applying for these new classes can submit their applications in the spring of 2024.

NSW Education Minister Prue Car stated that the decision aims to evenly distribute resources and simplify enrolment processes for families with multiple children attending the same school. The intention is to reduce dependence on temporary classrooms and provide more opportunities for out-of-area students to attend schools with available capacity.

Maroubra Junction Public School
Photo Credit: Briggs Jourdan/Google Maps

Program Expansion and Applications

The existing 1,840 opportunity class positions will be maintained, but the number of participating schools will increase to 87. This move comes in response to the increasing demand for specialised education for gifted Year 5 and 6 students, highlighted by the intense competition for these coveted spots, with over 15,000 applicants this year alone.

Some schools, such as Blacktown West and Miranda, will introduce a new class each accommodating 15 gifted students. In contrast, schools like Balgowlah Heights and Kingswood Public will see their intake numbers halved, a decision driven by the varying demands and enrolment capacities at these locations.

Responses to Changes

Education experts and community leaders have voiced mixed reactions. While some see redistribution as a fairer approach to accommodating gifted students across more schools, others express concern over the impact of schools losing many opportunity class placements. There is also discussion on the broader implications for parents and students who plan to enrol in traditionally popular schools.

The NSW Department of Education remains committed to supporting gifted education. Policies are being reviewed and adjusted to ensure equitable access for all students. This includes an ongoing focus on broadening the reach of educational programs that cater to high-potential students outside the traditional opportunity and selective school frameworks. Updates on these policy reviews are expected later in the year.

Published 23-April-2024

New Monument Proposed in Heffron Park to Recognise History of Migrants in Sydney

In the years following World War II, Sydney saw an influx of migrants arriving from a war-ravaged Europe seeking a fresh start. Facing a massive influx of migrants after the war and desperate to provide housing, the State established the Bunnerong Migrant Hostel by converting old naval storage facilities at Bunnerong Park (now Heffron Park in Maroubra) into accommodations.

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Despite having a capacity of 1,200 people, the conditions were far from ideal, with the buildings poorly insulated and migrants forced to eat communally in dormitory-style halls, preventing any sense of normal family life. The living conditions and amenities at the hostel were regarded as among the worst in all of Australia. 

Gordon James Choake holding his daughter at Bunnerong Migrant Hostel (Photo credit: Marilyn Wilson Collection/Randwick City Library)

The facilities were wholly unsuitable for comfortably accommodating the migrants, but the government had little choice given the urgent need for housing at the time.

Despite these hardships, the migrants persevered, determined to build better lives in their new home.

Group of migrant children at Bunnerong Migrant Hostel (Photo credit: Marilyn Wilson Collection/Randwick City Library)

Now, over 70 years later, there is a push to honour the sacrifices and contributions of these post-war migrants with a permanent memorial at Heffron Park itself. The proposal was brought forward by Cr Noel D’Souza, who emphasised the importance of acknowledging the vital role migrants played in Australia’s development.

Cr D’Souza said migrants were willing to take menial jobs when first settling, and many showed an incredible work ethic and willingness to sacrifice in order to establish themselves in their new country. He stated they built modern Australia through the knowledge, cultures, and skills they brought with them.

In presenting his motion to Randwick Council, Cr D’Souza highlighted how migrants were essential to the growth of industry and infrastructure in Australia’s post-war years. 

A memorial would not only pay tribute to their efforts but serve as an opportunity for “truth-telling” about a piece of history that has too often been forgotten amid debates about statues and their relevance.

Cr D’Souza viewed it as a chance to share the forgotten history of migrants from all over the world who left everything behind to start a new life in Australia full of hope. His motion to install a memorial at Heffron Park was ultimately carried out.

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Whilst the form is still to be determined, Cr D’Souza suggested a monument or even a large granite rock with a plaque could sufficiently honour the migrants who helped shape modern Australia through their perseverance and passion for their new home. After decades of having their struggles and sacrifices go unrecognised, Maroubra may soon have a permanent reminder of their indelible impact.

Published 20-April-2024

Beyond Profit: The Philanthropic Mission of Site Pizza Bar’s Owner

Despite his own hardships, Glen Mezei, the owner of Little Bay’s Site Pizza Bar sets an exemplary example of businesspeople driven by a stronger sense of empathy for the community in an era where financial margins frequently dictate business decisions.

Site Pizza Bar, which is right in the middle of Little Bay, is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where people meet and help each other. Giving away free food isn’t just a kind thing for Mezei to do; it’s a reflection of his values and a promise to help those around him.

At first glance, this kind of behaviour might make you wonder if it can last. But for Mezei, it’s not about making money; it’s about making a difference. “I believe that, as a business owner, I have a responsibility to give back to the community that supports us,” Mezei says. “It’s not just about selling pizzas; it’s about contributing positively to the lives of others.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Site Pizza Bar

Mezei’s path to giving back to the community isn’t easy. Just like many other businesses, he also had to deal with uncertainty. However, Mezei didn’t run away and he saw a chance to step up and help where it was most needed. “The outbreak showed how important it is for people to help each other. People were having a hard time, and I felt like I had to do everything I could to help,” Mezei says.

He feeds field workers and gives free pizzas to families who are having a hard time with money. He also helps people feel like they belong and are part of the community.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Site Pizza Bar

But Mezei’s generosity and kindness extend beyond his business dealings. To increase his influence, he collaborates with local organisations. By collaborating with food banks and shelters, he ensures that his assistance reaches those who need it most. “When we collaborate, we can do much more. In order to truly impact people’s lives, Mezei asserts that “collaboration is the key.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Site Pizza Bar

Positive comments about it have come from several neighbours. Many clients applaud Mezei for his selflessness and are inspired to follow in his footsteps. Glen’s goodwill is contagious. “It motivates us all to improve and support one another more,” a regular customer comments.

His story shows how love and charity can change things. His actions give us hope in a divided world. They demonstrate that cooperation for the greater good can provide benefits.

Mezei is still on a mission to feed both the body and the soul, and he wants other people to help him make society more caring and welcoming. “Your acts, no matter how small they may seem, can make a difference. “Together, we can make the future better for everyone,” Mezei says, ending with a smile that shows how generous he is.

Published Date 28-March-2024

Maroubra’s Jardin Building Faces Mandatory Repairs Over Safety Concerns

A striking case has emerged in Maroubra, focusing on a newly completed apartment building that has revealed significant structural issues, including “excessive cracking” and water leaks. 

The state’s building watchdog, Fair Trading NSW, has taken decisive action against Maroubra Living Pty Ltd, the developer behind the Jardin building located at 128a Garden St, Maroubra. 

Following an inspection of 33 defects, a building work rectification order was issued on 21 March 2024. 

The identified defects, including severe cracking in the building’s rooftop concrete slab, constitute breaches of Australian building standards, highlighting the urgent need for repair to ensure the safety and amenity of its residents.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The inspection uncovered various issues, ranging from water ingress through a damaged wall panel to inadequate drainage and fire safety standards violations. It also noted that a concrete slab within the Jardin building needed to be properly vibrated or compacted, leading to structural weaknesses.

The roof’s inadequate drainage and a defective fire stair door underscore the significant risks posed to occupants’ safety and the building’s integrity.

Elizabeth Stewart, the Department of Customer Service’s director of legal operations, has stipulated four months for Maroubra Living Pty Ltd to rectify the defects. This directive underscores the balance between the developer’s financial costs and the critical benefits to the owners and occupants, ensuring the building’s construction aligns with approved plans, the Building Code of Australia, and Australian standards. 

Despite the defects, the Jardin building is currently occupied by tenants and has been promoted as offering “impeccably presented” apartments designed with accessibility in mind. 

Published 27-March-2024

Street Paws Festival Debuts at Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach is set to host the inaugural Street Paws Festival, a celebration of our furry companions and their companionship with humans. Supported by Rotary Clubs Botany, Randwick, and Maroubra, this event promises a fun-filled day for both dogs and their owners. 

The festival, which will take place on 7 April 2024 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Arthur Byrne Reserve, boasts diverse activities and competitions.

Street Paws Festival Maroubra
Photo Credit: StreetPawsFestival/Facebook

Schedule of Events

  • 10 am: The festival starts with a warm welcome by the Mayor of Randwick.
  • 11 am: Watch the dogs showcase their talents in Best Tail Wagger, Best Trick, and Best Dancing Dog categories.
  • Noon: Get ready to be amazed by the creativity displayed in the Best Fancy Dress Dog competition.
  • 1 pm: Honour the wisdom and grace of senior dogs in the Most Dignified Old Timer contest.
  • 2 pm: Prepare for an overload of cuteness as puppies vie for the title of Cutest Puppy.

In addition to the main events, attendees can participate in a raffle, enjoy a sausage sizzle, paint their faces, and explore various dog-themed market stalls. This event is perfect for families looking for a delightful day out with furry friends. 

Photo Credit: StreetPawsFestival/Facebook
Street Paws Festival Maroubra
Photo Credit: StreetPawsFestival/Facebook

Since its inception in 2018, the Street Paws Festival is committed to becoming an annual fixture across Sydney. Organisers plan to rotate the festival to various locations, ensuring accessibility to dog lovers citywide. 

Future iterations of the event are expected to return in other suburbs, providing communities with continued opportunities to celebrate the bond between humans and their four-legged companions.

Follow Street Paws Festival on Facebook for more information and updates.

Published 13-March-2024