‘Solved’ Big Rubik’s Cube in Maroubra Sparks Community Debate

Maroubra Rubik's Cube
Photo Credit: Rod Reed/Google Maps

An unsolved Rubik’s cube, a 15-year-old guerilla art installation painted on a concrete stormwater drain in Maroubra Beach, was recently “solved” by the original artists, sparking a wave of nostalgia and debate among locals.

The unexpected alteration of the cube’s appearance from a jumbled puzzle to a neatly solved state has led Randwick Council to contemplate a unique approach: asking Maroubra residents to vote on the artwork’s future. 

The council is poised to decide whether to restore the cube to its original, unsolved design or maintain the current solved configuration, with a motion proposed by Labor councillor Dylan Parker to kickstart this community consultation process.

The artwork, affectionately dubbed the “Maroubrik’s Cube,” has become a staple of local culture since its inception in 2008, symbolising the creative and spontaneous spirit of the community. 

The original artists, who initially painted the cube under the cloak of darkness, have confirmed their involvement in the recent transformation, stirring mixed feelings among residents and council members alike.

Randwick Mayor Philipa Veitch and councillor Dylan Parker have emphasised respecting the community’s connection to the cube. Mr Parker also noted the significant feedback received on the new design. 

Ms Veitch has expressed a willingness to support the community’s decision, underscoring the cube’s role in adding whimsy and interest to the local landscape.

Photo Credit: Facebook / Randwick City Council

The debate over the cube’s fate highlights the broader conversation about public art and community identity. 

Marissa Ely, a lifelong Maroubra local and community social media manager, shared that most of her followers prefer the cube’s original, unsolved state, suggesting it reflects the community’s diverse and imperfect nature more accurately.

As the council prepares to engage with the community on this matter, the story of Maroubra’s Big Rubik’s Cube continues to unfold, embodying the dynamic relationship between art, public spaces, and the people interacting with them daily.

Published 26-February-2024