Mystery Prize Winner Emerges from Matraville after 3 Weeks

Matraville winner

A Matraville woman can now enjoy her long-awaited $72,000 windfall after being blissfully unaware that the winning ticket was tucked away in her purse for more than three weeks.

In a twist of fate, a regular Sydney player scored an impressive 8 Spot win on Sunday, 19 November 2023, taking home a total prize of $72,846.10. The unsuspecting winner’s ticket had gone unnoticed.

Upon receiving confirmation of her win, the Matraville resident expressed her astonishment,

“I can’t believe I’ve held this ticket in my purse for more than three weeks. I even visited the club on numerous occasions and didn’t realize the mystery winner they were searching for was me!”

The fortunate twist of fate occurred when the winner decided to try her luck with a game at another venue nearby over the weekend. It was then that she stumbled upon the old ticket in her purse, which she had yet to check. 

She initially thought the machine had malfunctioned and sought assistance from the venue’s staff. To her surprise, two team members revealed that she had indeed won something substantial.

Her initial guesses of winning $5,000 and $10,000 were quickly surpassed as the staff exclaimed, “Higher! Higher! A lot more zeros!” 

The revelation left both the winner and her partner in hysterics. She couldn’t contain her excitement.

The Matraville local is now ready to kick off the new year by fulfilling some long-standing wishes. 

“I’ve got to get my fence fixed at home. My car needs attention, and I’m well overdue for a little cruise.” 

Matraville winner
Photo Credit: Unsplash

“In 2020, my partner and I had booked a five-week cruise, but it was shortened to one week and two days because the COVID outbreak had gotten so bad. We haven’t been anywhere since!” 

With her newfound prize, she and her partner can now look forward to a cruise in the new year, realizing the holiday they had always envisioned.

The winning entry was originally purchased at Brighton Le Sands RSL Club, located at 351 Bay Street, Brighton Le Sands.

In FY23, players across the eastern states of mainland Australia celebrated more than 95.42 million wins collectively worth more than $1.34 billion.

Published 21-Dec-2023