90-year-old Randwick Artist Wins Women’s Day Art Prize; Maroubra Gallery Exhibits Winning Artworks

Maroubra Gallery
Photo Credit: RCC

Did you know that a 90-year-old artist from Randwick who has only been painting for a year has won first place in the 20+ category of the 2022 Randwick International Women’s Day Art Competition? Some of the winning artworks are now on display at the Lionel Bowen Library Gallery in Maroubra.

Elena Guerrera, a Randwick resident, is originally from Naples. As a hopeful 27-year-old, she followed her husband to Australia in the late 1950s. Her artwork, “The ship I arrived in,” has won the top prize in 20+ category of the competition.

Elena started painting as therapy to help her recover from a stroke which had paralyzed her left hand. According to her daughter, Anna, painting has given her mum a new passion, purpose, and meaning in her life. 

Professional artist Tesha Malott, who judged the competition, described Ms Guerra’s work as a “skillful, naive-style painting.”

Photo Credit: Philipa Veitch/Facebook

The ‘women-only’ art event was a way to encourage and support the women of the Randwick City community to showcase their creative talents. 

International Women's Day Art Competition Winners Randwick
Photo Credit: Philipa Veitch/Facebook

The other winners in the competition are Tanya Duckworth for “Dames d’Heremes: Selle des steppes” also in the 20+ category and Niranjana Ghosh for “Joker” for the 12-19 category. Jessica Mang’s “Mistress” took home the Councillor’s Prize. 

Lionel Bowen Library Gallery  Maroubra
Photo Credit: RCC

The exhibit at the Maroubra gallery has over 168 beautiful artworks to admire until Saturday, 24 April 2022.