Mahon Pool At Maroubra Beach Set To Undergo Coping Restoration

mahon pool
Mahon Pool (Photo credit: Steven Lee/Google Maps)

Following the success of Wylie’s Baths pool coping restoration, three more ocean pools across NSW are set to receive upgrades, including Mahon Pool, which is located to the north of Maroubra Beach at the base of Jack Vanny Reserve.

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Scope of works for Mahon Pool involve removing existing hand rail, preparation and installation of new timber posts, removal of existing hand rail and installation of new hand rails, grout repair, removal of loose materials.

The upgrades are part of the Ocean Pool Restoration Program, which is one of the major projects of Randwick City Council in 2022. A grant of $300,000 has been provided by the federal government for this project.

mahon pool maroubra
Photo credit: Randwick City Council

Aside from Mahon Pool, the Malabar Ocean Pool and Ross Jones Pool were also identified as needing restoration work around the outer edge of the pool, known as the coping. 

A product called Cement-All was used when coping was redone at Wylie’s Baths, and the end result is of excellent condition, even more than a year later. It will now be applied at Malabar, Mahon and Ross Jones Pools to upgrade and renew the coping. In addition, minor civil works will be done at each pool.

wylie's baths
Wylie’s Baths (Photo credit: G Yours/Google Maps)

Cement All is a highly engineered cementitious grout product that can be applied from feather edge to as much as 100mm thick in single passes. It’s also a rapid set product, enabling its application to set within one-hour, prior to tides returning and compromising the bond to the substrate or the curing of the product.

Meanwhile, locals are being reminded that ocean pools will be closed whilst the work takes place.

The timeline for work at Mahon Pool will be from Tuesday 14 June – Thursday 30 June 2022.

To stay updated about the project, visit Randwick City Council’s website