Why Join a Tour of the Randwick Recycle Centre in Matraville?

Randwick Recycle Centre
Sherene Lin, Dr Google Maps

Did you know that a guided tour of the Randwick Recycle Centre in Matraville is happening soon to give residents an opportunity to find out where their waste materials, recyclables, and organics go?

It will be a most informative day for those in attendance, who will acquire new knowledge that will inspire them to recycle more and spread the word to their neighbours, family and friends. 

The guided tour of the Randwick Recycle Centre in Matraville will take place on Saturday, 6 Aug 2022, with eight schedules spread out from 9:00 a.m. to 1:35 p.m. Each tour will last between 50 minutes to an hour, with opportunities for the guests to ask questions.

Randwick Recycle Centre
Photo Credit: RCC

Whilst the event is free, the slots are limited. So, guests will have to secure a ticket to one of the schedules. Participants are enjoined to bring their own water bottle and wear a hat and sunscreen for their protection. 

Per Council’s instruction, “tour participants to make their own way to 72 Perry Street Matraville and assemble outside the centre at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour to check-in. Participants to sign the attendance sheet before the tour starts.”

Those in attendance are expected to strictly follow the marked paths and resist touching anything. 

After the tour, they will be asked to complete a feedback form and then enjoy the BBQ.

Meanwhile, the Randwick Recycle Centre is also conducting free information sessions on modern cloth nappies and their economic and environmental benefits. This is for parents, carers, and grandparents. 

Check with Council for future schedules