Maroubra Ambulance Station Might Be Downgraded as PRP

The Maroubra Ambulance Station located on Mons Avenue might be downgraded to a Paramedic Response Point (PRP) as plans to build an ambulance superstation in Randwick have been revealed. NSW Health said that this centralised facility should improve the response time of its emergency units.

The centralised superstation will be built at the corner of Darley Road and King Street near the TAFE NSW. Currently, this site is being used a carpark, but it’s location is deemed ideal for the superstation since it is near and accessible to major roads such as Anzac Parade and Alison Road.

Once this is in place, paramedics formerly stationed at the ambulance services in Maroubra, as well as Bondi and Mascot, will have to report to the superstation in Randwick as a PRP. Their facilities will become a hub where paramedics from the superstation could be deployed on demand during their shifts.

Photo Credit: NSW Ambulance/Facebook

Health Services Union NSW Secretary Gerard Hayes, however, opposes the plan for the superstation, citing that this will “blow out” the response time.

Mr Hayes said that there is a larger network to cover in a centralised system and paramedics may meet traffic and congestion, particularly in the south east districts, when every second counts during emergencies.

The Maroubra Ambulance Station averages a response time of 6.9 minutes in most urgent cases, beating the 10-minute target time. Despite Mr Hayes’ observation, NSW Health believes this can still be improved with the completion of the Randwick superstation.