Achieve Your Fitness Goals! Two New Outdoor Gyms Open in Maroubra and Matraville

No excuses! Time to get your fitness goals sorted out as two new outdoor gyms have opened at popular parks in Maroubra and Matraville.

Located at Snape Park in Maroubra and at Barwon Park in Matraville, these fitness spaces offer heaps of choices for shaping up and getting fit regardless of one’s skill and abilities. Council has ensured that the equipment provided at these new outdoor gyms is “a mix of static and dynamic fitness equipment” so that anybody can benefit from the facilities, whether one is just starting out with their goals or has been exercising regularly.

new outdoor gyms
Photo Credit: RandwickCityCouncil/YouTube

Based on the community’s feedback during the consultations, the Snape Park gym has been installed with gorilla bars, body dips, leg raisers, roman rings and pull-ups, an aerobic cycle, a step-up station, and an elliptical trainer. The ground has been fitted with solid and sturdy rubber softfall, while garden edging, footpaths and a walking track complete the facility’s functional aesthetics.

New outdoor gym Maroubra
Photo Credit: RandwickCityCouncil/YouTube

Barwon Park has a shade structure and a rubber softfall as well, along with a variety of fitness equipment like the chest press, aerobic cycle, leg press, elliptical trainer, body dips, and dexterity builder. 

New outdoor gym matraville
Photo Credit: RandwickCityCouncil/YouTube

Aside from helping locals achieve their fitness goals, these new outdoor gyms are also social recreation spaces for older people. These projects are part of Randwick City Council’s Open Space and Recreation Strategy aimed at providing the community with access to free, informal outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Published 28 March 2023