Police Warns Matraville Vehicle Owners: Secure Your Car and Valuables

Theft from motor vehicles in Matraville, Chifley, and Little Bay area has been on the rise recently and NSW Police are appealing to residents to secure their cars and valuables.

Police said that according to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, theft of vehicles, particularly of older models, is accomplished through the owner’s very own keys, as opposed to hot wiring. Such cases account for 70% of all reported vehicle theft and half of all stolen cars are taken from the owner’s home.

It is important, therefore, to be always mindful of vehicle security and never leave your car keys and valuables in open view, even when you are already parked in your garage. Offenders target car keys and vehicle key fobs to gain access to the car and steal valuables.

To protect your car and valuable items in your vehicle, the police suggested the following:

  • Whether in your driveway or in a public place, be sure that you do not leave your keys in the ignition when you leave your car unattended. 
  • Remove temptation. Never leave your keys and valuable items in open view.
  • Make sure that your car’s doors and windows are locked when you get out of your car or even when you are driving.
  • Consider upgrading to a quality alarm system. For older model cars, you may install an after-market electronic immobiliser to prevent it from being hotwired..
  • When parking, always choose a well lit or populated area. 
  • For tradies, make sure to lock your toolboxes and ute trays and avoid parking on the street when it’s already dark.

Lastly, if you are selling your car, never include your address in the advertisement and always verify the identity of your potential buyers. And don’t let them take your car for a test drive without supervision.

If you happen to witness someone breaking into a car, you can call 000 or Maroubra Police on 02 9349 9299. Or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 for non-urgent matters or if you have any information on suspects.