MumSafe: Safe and Effective Post-Pregnancy Fitness Training

Jen Dugard, a Maroubra mum of two, runs MumSafe, a mum-focused business that connects postnatal mothers with fitness professionals to help them get back in shape and stay fit safely and effectively.

Founder and director Jen just had her son when she launched her group business for mums with onsite childcare in 2008 called Body Beyond Baby. She then launched Safe Return to Exercise pre & postnatal certification for fitness professionals in 2016. 

Two years later, the main business was sold; she kept the brand though and evolved into the Body Beyond Baby Affiliate Team and later MumSafe.

MumSafe, safe and effective exercise
MumSafe, safe and effective exercise | Photo Credit: MumSafe / Facebook

With more than a decade of experience in pre and post-natal exercise and education, Jen has always believed that for mothers to achieve their health and wellbeing goals, their exercise program needs to be both safe and effective. And that involves helping new mums understand their body and mind, their birth experience and where they are right now before they start exercising.

Their Safe Return to Exercise (SRE) program is designed to guide new mothers, particularly those who are between their 6-week check up and returning to formal exercise. For mums who have received no or limited exercise guidance, may be experiencing weak pelvic floor symptoms, or don’t know what exercises they should or should not be doing, SRE is a great way to start their postnatal journey.

Safe Return to Exercise (SRE) program is designed to guide new mothers
Safe Return to Exercise (SRE) program is designed to guide new mothers | Photo Credit: MumSafe / Facebook

“Have been training with Jen for 2 years now.  Great way to reclaim your fitness post baby and to keep it.  Classes are challenging, but focus is always on exercising in a safe way.” – H. Perry

“I highly recommend Chels from Vibe Geelong. I was very nervous to start exercising again after two c sections,my body just felt so weak. Chels made me feel so comfortable and supported from the very beginning. She reminded me that I need to take time out for myself to get my strength back, she has helped me navigate injuries that have arised and I love how my body is now feeling so much stronger. She explains each exercise in depth and has such a wealth of knowledge to support Post Natal Mum’s.”  –  Taliah DB

“I would highly 100 % recommend chels from vibe Geelong, she is caring, understanding and always makes me feel included in group training sessions by offering me to do some personalised ulternatives if need be that wont put a strain on my body but still give me a great work out session. she sits down with you gets to know you and your story and genuinely is in it to help you with your growth and goals. If you want someone who is mumsafe, genuine and puts in the effort to make you comfortable supported and safe during & after pregnancy chels from vibe Geelong is the way to go ! Thank a million Chels” -S. Pearmin

“I have been training with Jen for over 2 years now. I started when my youngest was 4 months old and I hadn’t exercised for at least 5 years. It was such a great and safe introduction back in to exercise. 2 years on and Jen extends me and motivates me more than ever. The nannies are also brilliant with the kids, I have always felt very comfortable leaving my kids in their caring hands. Jen is super passionate and experienced. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – L. Carr

And to ensure MumSafe stays true to its promise, their fitness trainers are registered with a Fitness Body, pre and postnatal educated, SRE accredited and partnered with a Women’s or Pelvic Health Physiotherapist apart from undergoing ongoing education as well. 

MumSafe currently has over 60 locations across Australia and New Zealand. To know more about their Safe Return Exercise program or if you want to become a MumSafe trainer, check out their website here.