Here’s the Draft Masterplan for the Transformation of Matraville Town Centre

The draft masterplan for the long-term transformation of the Matraville Town Centre has been released and locals are enjoined to provide their feedback before it’s permanently implemented.

Details of the draft masterplan were put together based on the community’s feedback from a series of consultations in 2021. 

The aim of this project is to develop more recreational and community event spaces, dining spots and retail activities, and better pedestrian connections for the residents. The idea is to provide locals a distinct and vibrant town centre with a resilient economy, where people can gather and feel the community vibe. 

According to Randwick City Council, the highlights of the Matraville Town Centre draft masterplan will entail: 

  • Widened footpaths on Bunnerong Road to create spaces for outdoor dining and increased pedestrian safety
  • New and revitalised outdoor spaces for people to meet
  • More pedestrian crossings
  • Reduced speed limit along Bunnerong Road to 40km/ph
  • Provision for a future cycleway on Bunnerong Road
  • Opportunities for Indigenous and local art installations
  • New street furniture, lighting, landscaping and paving
  • Increased tree planting and canopy coverage on Bunnerong Road and surrounding streets

Implementation of this project will be divided into three actions to be delivered within 5 years (small-scale actions), 10 years (medium-scale actions), or 20 years (large-scale actions).

Matraville Town Centre
Photo Credit: Matraville Town Centre Masterplan

“We understand that in some areas of the public domain, a staged incremental approach may be necessary. It allows for practical and effective steps to be taken in the immediate short-term, with restructuring and long-term investment to achieve the vision,” Council stated. 

Share your inputs regarding the draft masterplan by making an online submission on or before the 3rd of February 2023 or by emailing