Little Bay Beach Could Soon Have Lifeguards

In the aftermath of a tragic drowning incident at popular yet treacherous Little Bay Beach, lifeguards are being considered, as part of efforts to address the concerns about water safety in the area.

The proposal comes after a recent internal review conducted by the council, which revealed that the Randwick LGA, home to Little Bay, has the highest coastal drowning rate in NSW. In the last ten years alone, the Randwick LGA has witnessed numerous fatalities due to drowning, and this distressing trend shows no signs of abating. 

A recent heart-wrenching incident took place on the 23rd of April, involving a man who tragically got swept into the vast ocean by a forceful wave whilst strolling along the rocky terrain with his wife.

Prompted by this devastating incident, the Coast Golf Club golfers bravely ventured down the cliffs and initiated a rescue operation. Despite their heroic efforts, the man could not be saved, highlighting the urgency for improved safety measures at Little Bay.

Amidst the alarming increase in the number of deaths, both community members and council officials are urgently demanding swift measures to guarantee the well-being of individuals visiting the beach.

At a recent council meeting, Mayor Dylan Parker acknowledged the courage of the rescuers and emphasised the need to prioritise public safety at Little Bay Beach. As part of the council’s 2022/23 Operational Plan, council officers are conducting a comprehensive review of service levels and coastal public safety, with a particular focus on Little Bay.

Lifeguards are being seriously considered as a viable solution to address the high number of drowning incidents and ensure the well-being of beach visitors.

Councillor Noel D’Souza echoed the sentiments of the community, emphasising the importance of regulating the beaches in the eastern suburbs. With the influx of visitors to these picturesque coastal areas, he said that implementing effective safety measures is paramount. 

Lifeguards not only act as a visible deterrent to potential dangers but also possess the skills and training necessary to respond swiftly to emergencies. Their presence would provide peace of mind to beachgoers and significantly reduce the risk of further tragedies.

Published 5-June-2023