Pet Owners Are on High Alert After ‘Dog Baiting’ Incident at Latham Park

Residents of Coogee, Randwick, Maroubra, and other eastern suburbs of Sydney have been told to be wary of dog baiting incidents, after a pet owner found suspicious-looking dog bait at Latham Park in South Coogee.

The NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1979 forbids the illegal and cruel practice of “dog baiting,” which is luring dogs with poisonous treats that can result in serious health problems or even death.

Harmful dog baiting may also involve razor blades, nails, and pins, rat poison, and warfarin tablets.

Kieran Watson, the spokesperson for RSPCA NSW, pointed out that even though it’s not something that happens a lot when it does, it causes a lot of harm. Offenders could face fines of up to $22,000 and jail terms of up to two years. 

Cr D’Souza noted that noisy dogs and those off-leash were frequently the targets of toxic baits. He also stressed the value of responsible pet ownership and urged dog owners to keep their animals on leashes, particularly in public areas like Latham Park. 

If you suspect that your pet has eaten poisoned bait, you need to contact the nearest vet ASAP.  

FOUR PAWS Australia advise dog owners to observe the following to protect their pet from poisoned bait:

  • Pay attention to warnings about poisoned bait (e.g. information on notice boards, distributed via social media groups or warning apps) and avoid these areas
  • Distract your dog if he or she sniffs an ‘interesting’ scent
  • Be proactive and keep your dog well occupied
  • Have food with you so that your dog does not start foraging
  • Train your dog not to eat any available food
  • Where necessary, use a muzzle

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Published 9-August-2023