Stop-Work Order Halts Construction Works on Yorktown Parade Development

Construction of a 3-level residential building on Yorktown Parade has been halted after a stop-work order was served due to safety issues.

Effective 5 pm on 2 June  2022, ABDC Holdings was ordered to cease construction works at 80 Yorktown Parade, Maroubra except for building work that is carried out to stabilise the site.  The NSW Building Commissioner conducted the inspection on 23 May 2022 on the excavation works, installation of pilings and a capping beam that was being undertaken at the time. 

It was observed that the pilings at two identified locations showed cracks, rendering them ineffective in supporting the soil and the structures above it. Particularly, a cracking measuring more than 10cm in the concrete driveway slab was noticed as well as the soil was already collapsing between the pilings.

“I consider that pilings are a key element of a building. The proper performance of this element  is critical to the safety and integrity of the building, as it provides support for the other structures,” Building Commissioner, David Chandler, said.

He furthered that in circumstances where the pilings are not able to support the structures above it could lead to “failure of the element” and result in significant harm to the property and to the workers on the site “ as a result of movement.”

80 Yorktown Parade Development
Photo Credit: Randwick City Council /

The $1.86-million development which was approved on 9 August 2018 involves the establishment of a 3-level residential building comprising nine 2-bedroom apartments, of which, three are affordable housing units. Included in the plan are 12 parking spaces spread across the ground and basement levels.

The developers may appeal the order to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days of receipt of the notice of the order.