Maroubra Grieves Over The Loss Of Surfer Legend Bruno Bersot

Tributes have flooded in for talented surfer Bruno Bersot, beloved father of two and a valued member of the Maroubra community, who died unexpectedly.

A previously undetected blood clot was the cause of Bersot’s stroke, which led to his death. He had been reportedly experiencing minor back pain, which tragically masked the underlying issue. 

Tributes have flooded in for the talented wave rider, reflecting the profound impact Bersot had on those around him. Social media platforms have been inundated with messages of condolence, with the Bra Boys—a close-knit group of surfers—expressing their heartfelt sympathies to Bersot’s grieving family.

Photo Credit: Facebook/ MauricioGill

“We are sending love to the Bersot family and all of our Brazilian Bra Boy family,” a post on a page related to the Bra Boys said. “Bruno was My Brother’s Keeper in Action—devastated for you all.”

The outpouring of support went beyond Bersot’s close friends and family. His boys, Lucas and Mateus, also posted touching tributes online. Lucas thought about how his dad was “the most beautiful dad in the world,” and Mateus thought about how Bersot was both a superhero and a best friend. The heartfelt words they wrote demonstrate the strong bond between a father and his children.

Lucas and Mateus Bersot, who were his kids, also wrote sad tributes. Lucas said his dad was “the most beautiful dad in the world,” and Mateus said he was a superhero and best friend.  Both boys talked about their sadness and fond memories online.

Bruno Bersot’s passing leaves a void in the Sydney surfing scene.  Remembered for his skill on the waves and his dedication to his family, Bersot’s memory will undoubtedly live on within the Maroubra community.

Published Date 15-April-2024