Reactions Vary as Sandon Point Beach Locals Decry Disrespectful Behaviour by Surfers from Eastern Beaches

sandon point
Photo Credit: Idir Arezki/Google Maps

Local surfers at Sandon Point Beach in Bulli are angry at surfers from Maroubra and the rest of Sydney’s eastern beaches for ‘ruining’ their popular break point. Signs saying “You are not welcome here” have been erected on Sandon Point.

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A local surfer said the spot has been drawing surfers from Maroubra and the eastern beaches. However, the visiting surfers have allegedly not shown proper etiquette on the waves. The local said visiting surfers have been very pushy out there and were showing no respect for the locals.

On the contrary, a resident of Bulli stated that he saw a group of six young men posting a sign with profane language directing non-local surfers to leave the area. The resident took down the offensive sign and contacted the police about the group’s actions.

Responding to allegations of hostility against visiting surfers, Member for Keira Ryan Park rejected the notion that outsiders are not welcome at Sandon Point beach.

Photo credit: Jai Paegle/Google Maps

“This needs to be called out. It’s wrong and it doesn’t at all reflect our community,” he said, adding that the only thing not welcome at the beach is this sort of behaviour.

Residents remain split over allegations of hostility toward visiting surfers at the beloved local break. Whilst some defend the territorial attitude as a matter of “respect,” others argue the beach should be open to all.

sandon point
Photo credit: Richard Healey/Google Maps

“It’s about respect, when you get carloads of surfers invading a spot and disrespecting the locals that surf everyday you’re going to get conflict,” one resident commented on Mr Park’s post.

However, other residents reject the idea that any surfer should be excluded from a public space.

“The surfers there need to get over themselves. They don’t own the beach. It’s an open public place for anyone to use,” another one said.

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The ‘locals only’ signs posted at the popular surf spot have ignited debate on social media about surfing etiquette, highlighting the increasing friction between residents who consider this place their home break and visitors eager to ride its famous waves.

Published 25-July-2023