Maroubra’s Jardin Building Faces Mandatory Repairs Over Safety Concerns

Jardin Building Maroubra
Photo Credit: Google Maps

A striking case has emerged in Maroubra, focusing on a newly completed apartment building that has revealed significant structural issues, including “excessive cracking” and water leaks. 

The state’s building watchdog, Fair Trading NSW, has taken decisive action against Maroubra Living Pty Ltd, the developer behind the Jardin building located at 128a Garden St, Maroubra. 

Following an inspection of 33 defects, a building work rectification order was issued on 21 March 2024. 

The identified defects, including severe cracking in the building’s rooftop concrete slab, constitute breaches of Australian building standards, highlighting the urgent need for repair to ensure the safety and amenity of its residents.

Photo Credit: Google Maps

The inspection uncovered various issues, ranging from water ingress through a damaged wall panel to inadequate drainage and fire safety standards violations. It also noted that a concrete slab within the Jardin building needed to be properly vibrated or compacted, leading to structural weaknesses.

The roof’s inadequate drainage and a defective fire stair door underscore the significant risks posed to occupants’ safety and the building’s integrity.

Elizabeth Stewart, the Department of Customer Service’s director of legal operations, has stipulated four months for Maroubra Living Pty Ltd to rectify the defects. This directive underscores the balance between the developer’s financial costs and the critical benefits to the owners and occupants, ensuring the building’s construction aligns with approved plans, the Building Code of Australia, and Australian standards. 

Despite the defects, the Jardin building is currently occupied by tenants and has been promoted as offering “impeccably presented” apartments designed with accessibility in mind. 

Published 27-March-2024