Maroubra Veteran Energises Life Through City2Surf Participation

Maroubra Veteran at City2Surf
Photo Credit: CitySurf/YouTube

Noel Bottrell, a Maroubra veteran, is revitalising his community spirit and personal health by participating in Sydney’s annual City2Surf event as an active member of the Maroubra RSL sub-Branch.

Each year, City2Surf attracts a diverse crowd, including members of the Returned and Services League of New South Wales (RSL NSW), who use the event to enhance their physical and mental well-being. For Mr Bottrell, an 80-year-old veteran, this event is a significant opportunity to reconnect with the community and maintain his health.

Mr Bottrell initially served in the National Service and later joined the Citizen Military Forces. Participating in this activity has become a crucial aspect of his lifestyle, enabling him to stay active and establish new social ties.

“The City2Surf is not just about running; it’s about bringing people together,” Mr Bottrell explained. “It has been a fantastic way for me to become more involved in the sub-Branch and meet other veterans and their families.”

Last year, the Maroubra veteran walked the event, but for 2024, he aims to include more jogging in his routine. His commitment demonstrates the benefits of staying active, regardless of age.

The Maroubra RSL sub-Branch actively promotes participation in City2Surf, encouraging members to wear the team shirt, meet before the race, and choose their running or walking group based on their fitness level. After the event, members gather for a communal meal, reinforcing the bonds formed during the race.

“Events like City2Surf are vital for our veterans,” an RSL NSW spokesperson explained. “They provide a sense of purpose and community that is crucial for those transitioning from military to civilian life.”

Mr Bottrell’s experience is one of many that highlight the positive impacts of community involvement and physical activity for veterans. 

The City2Surf event in 2024 will be held on Sunday, 11 August. This annual fun run stretches from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi Beach, bringing together participants of all ages and backgrounds.

Published 5-July-2024