Maroubra Community Garden Digs In For 2022 Opening

Maroubra Community Garden
Photo Credit: The Garden at Maroubra/Facebook

Efforts to open a sustainable Maroubra Community Garden bore fruit after more than two years of planning and preparation when volunteers finally received approval to open the site in 2022. 

In a statement on Facebook, stewards of The Garden at Maroubra confirmed that the local Council has signed off on plans to build a working garden for everyone, the third community garden in the Eastern Sydney suburbs after Coogee and Randwick. 

“[We] began this journey to build not only a community garden for Maroubra, but a sustainability resource within our community to enable ALL of our community to learn to garden if they wished, but also to learn how to take care of the green areas within our homes and our community. Maroubra, this garden is for YOU,” the statement read.

Photo Credit: Mimi Curan/Go Fund Me

In early 2021, Randwick City Council received the proposal for the design of the community garden. The group also opened a fundraiser and a “Friend of the Garden” distinction for regular donors and contributors to enable the gardeners to buy supplies and pay for expenses like water and utilities.

Following the approval, the project has started offering memberships to residents who live within the five-kilometre radius who can tend to the site. In the near future, a Working Member training will be underway before the garden officially opens to the community.   

“The Garden at Maroubra project was borne out of the desire to create a beautiful, accessible community-destination around gardening that connects, educates and invigorates our community around organic gardening and related sustainable practices including seed saving, organic pest control and composting,” Mimi Curran, one of the supporters stated

Published 14 December 2021