Ingham’s Dinner Done: Maroubra Young Star Charlee Feildel Shines Alongside Dad Manu in the Kitchen

Ingham's Dinner Done: Maroubra Young Star Charlee Feildel Shines Alongside Dad Manu in the Kitchen
Photo Credit: Inghams Chicken/YouTube

Charlee Feildel, a cheeky and talentd eight-year-old has taken her first steps into the world of cooking. What makes her so special? She is the other half of the father-daughter duo that also includes her father, the renowned celebrity chef, Manu Feildel. 

Charlee and Manu, both proud Maroubra locals, are setting the stage for a joint journey exhibiting their shared passion for cooking as they put their own twist on classic recipes and delicious dishes that bring families together.

Charlee’s charming confidence and a touch of cheekiness adds a unique flavour to the kitchen as she playfully challenges her Papa’s culinary prowess.

The father-daughter team has come together to whip up two mouthwatering chicken recipes as part of Ingham’s Dinner Done initiative. Here’s a taste of what it’s like to have these two in the kitchen.

Charlee helps Manu cook Mexi-Bean Loaded Chicken Chippees

At first, Charlee wants to go out for dinner to have loaded fries. Manu, comfortable in his slippers, is not so keen and suggests Mexi-Bean Chicken Chippees instead.

Showing her cheeky personality, Charlee challenges Manu: “Papa, I always see you judging people on TV. So, because I really want those loaded fries, tonight I’ll be judging you. No pressure.”

Together Charlee and Manu cook the chicken chippees in the oven, mash the guacamole, cook the corn, and layer the cooked chippees with olives, corn kernals, salsa and cheese – returning it all to the oven to melt. After presenting the loaded chippees with guacamole, halved cherry tomatoes, sour cream, and coriander it’s time to taste.

And the final score Charlee gives her celebrity chef dad? “Presentation, good. Smell, good. Taste, good.”

Charlee and Manu create Tempura Chicken Nugget Lettuce Cups – a twist on mum Clarissa’s San Choy Bao

“I’ve been a kid for over eight years, and it’s time for us to change things around here,” announces Charlee. “I love Mumma’s San Choy Bao, but what if we use chicken nuggets?”

Manu agrees, “That’s a great idea. What about lettuce cups, vermicelli noodles, some salad vegetables, chicken nuggets and a dressing over the top?”

Manu shows Charlee how easy it is to use an air-fryer, and Charlee shows Manu how to really shake the dressing.

On the couch, Manu and Charlee reveal what this father-daughter duo is all about.

Charlee: “I really like spending time with my dad and making dinner with him.”

Manu: “It’s always fun to be working with my daughter. She seems to understand the gig for some reason.”

When asked who the better cook is, Charlee doesn’t miss a beat: “He’s pretty good, but I think I’m a bit better.”

Ingham’s Dinner Done was launched earlier to provide quick, simple, and delicious recipes to get midweek dinners done with flavour and fun. 

Ingham’s has launched a free recipe e-book, “10 Easy Dinner Done Recipes the Family Will Love” available to download from

And to help Aussie’s get dinner on the table with the rising cost of living, Ingham’s has launched a cook-snap-win Dinner Done competition – giving away eight $500 grocery vouchers from September to December 2023. 

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Published 12-Sept-2023